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Mortgage Investment Opportunities

Call me to discuss how I can make you up to 12% returns on your funds 

Preservation of Capital

Minimum Capital Investment $10,000
Typical Interest Paid to Investor 8 TO 12%
Interest Paid Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually Yes
Typical Monthly Interest Income Rate up to 1% Per Month
Default Resolution Processes In Place Yes
Security On Real Estate 1st and 2nd Mortgage options
Loan To Value Less Than 85%
Time Frame up to 3 Year Terms

Cash & Registereed Plan Qualified To Invest

Through RRSP, TFSA, LIRA, RESP, etc…

Proven Mortgage Administration Services Yes
Setup Costs And Legal Fees On Mortgages Paid by MSI “Investment Partner”

It remains the cornerstone of our management philosophy. We do not compromise capital preservation for returns.

Money Solutions Inc. (MSI) “Investment Partner” offers investors double-digit ROI earnings in mortgage investment opportunities that pay cash flow directly to investors. Our mortgage investments are secured by individually screened and appraised real estate. With a full range of investment options to suit almost everyone, including but not limited to liquid funds, RRSP, TFSA, and other forms of registered plans. Money Solutions Inc. (MSI) investment partner is committed to delivering exceptional returns to investors, exceeding the performance of GICs, Annuities, and Income Funds.

Preservation of Capital is the cornerstone philosophy of Money Solutions Inc. (MSI) “Investment Partner”. More than just a reassuring motto, the actual work of protecting our investors’ capital is the very core of our business model and daily practices.

Together, our in-depth market research and experienced, conservative lending practices continue to ensure that Money Solutions Inc. (MSI) “Investment Partner” maintains exceedingly low default and forced-sales rates that are the envy of the industry.

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