5 Ways to Simplify Your Financial Life

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No matter who you are or what you do for a living, it can seem like your bank statements, credit card receipts, and other financial documents are burying you alive. If you are struggling under the weight of all that paperwork and looking for a way out, there are things you can do to simplify your financial life without sacrificing your long-term goals. Here are five great ways to simplify your financial life.

Use a single credit card. Using a single credit card is one of the most effective ways to simplify your financial life, and doing so will make your finances must simpler. Another twist on this strategy is to use one card for offline purchases and other for online transactions. This is nearly as simple, and a good way to track your online and offline expenditures.

Put your bank accounts under one roof. Having multiple bank accounts all over town creates unnecessary paperwork and makes your financial life more complicated. So shop around, look for the best interest rates and consolidate your funds where they will get the best return.

Go paperless. Reducing the amount of paper that lands in your mailbox will definitely simplify your life, so opt for paperless statements wherever and whenever you can.

Automate your emergency fund with direct deposit. Building an emergency fund is hard, but it does not have to be. Just split your direct deposit between your checking and savings accounts, sending a set dollar amount or fixed percentage to your emergency fund.

Use software to make tax season simpler. Personal and small business accounting software can make tax time easier, so take advantage of their capabilities. Instead of ending up with a shoebox full of receipts next April, you can enter your expenditures and track your expenses as you go. When tax time rolls around, you can simply import the information into your favorite tax preparation software package.

You do not have to let your finances take over your life or worry that you will not have time to get it all done. With a few simple changes to your everyday life, and the power of technology, you can simplify your financial life, lower your expenses, and focus on the future.