Money Solutions are a private mortgage lender in Burlington. We have been serving as a private mortgage agency for quite some time. Our main goal is to provide financial and mortgage solutions to the people without them having to go through a rigorous process of loan approval from conventional lenders like banks. Banks are infamous for their long and tiring loan approval process that requires the borrower to green tick lots of boxes on the lengthy checklist. With private mortgage lending companies like Money solutions, that process is shortened and made simple. No more dozens of visits and signing lots of paperwork when you can get what you want at a much simpler process and in less time. Money solutions can provide you with customized solutions to match your requirements.


private mortgage company in burlington

Our Burlington Private Mortgage Services Provides You With The Best Solutions

Banks are governed by stricter bodies, forcing them to make the loan approval process much more difficult. On the other hand, loan approval is way easier and shorter with private mortgage lenders like Money Solutions. Money solutions, with an aim to become the best private mortgage company in Burlington, focuses on providing custom-tailored solutions to each individual and fulfilling their requirements. Our expert financial advisors evaluate your financial situation and guide you to the best solution according to your needs and current status. Getting the right financial plan can save you lots of money and helps you to overcome your loan quicker and in an organized manner.


How Does the Private Lending Process Work?

Private lending is the process of lending money to an individual or business based on the financial valuation of their real estate property. Private mortgage lending is legal, and private mortgage lending companies in Burlington all comply with the local state laws and Bank’s rules and regulations. An expert evaluates your real estate property and estimates a price, and your loan is processed accordingly. 

A mortgage payment plan is discussed in which terms like interest rate, service charge, time duration, and other vital factors are discussed. The borrower then pays the mortgage in installments with the interest rate that was fixed earlier over the given period of time.


private mortgage company in burlington

Why Choose Money Solutions as Your Burlington Private Mortgage Provider?

Money solution, as a private mortgage lender, focuses on quality service and prioritizes Clients’ needs. Every individual has different needs, and they need to be addressed accordingly. At Money solutions, our expert financial advisors will analyze your requirements and develop the best-suiting solution for your mortgage needs. Our simple loan approval process makes us stand out from the crowd that still follows the conventional loan approval process that involves too much paperwork and consumes lots of time. Money solutions are funded by trusted private and public lenders. Our mortgage plans are made in a way that they are at cost-effective rates to consolidate your cash flow, debt consolidation, revise your mortgage plans, and more. 

With Money solutions as your private mortgage lender in Burlington, you won’t need to worry about your credit score and other complex paperwork. Call us anytime, and we can discuss financial plans for your home.