Home Buying 101 – Why the Relationship with Your Broker Should Be a Positive Partnership

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Whether you are looking for your first home or moving up to the home of your dreams, having an experienced real estate broker or agent in your corner is a must. Real estate is a very specialized industry, and it requires a special kind of expertise. Choosing the right broker can make every part of the home buying process – from identifying the ideal property to finding an affordable mortgage to deciphering the confusing paperwork – a lot easier.

Before you attend a single open house or drive around your chosen neighbourhood, you should shop for a great real estate broker. You will want to choose a broker who is experienced in the neighbourhoods you are looking at, one who can help you with the ins-and-outs of the home buying process. Local expertise is particularly important, since it will help you target the right areas based on your purchase criteria.

Communicating Your Needs

Having a great broker in your corner is important, but what comes next will be even more critical. It is not enough to be a passive part of the home buying process – the relationship with your broker should be a positive partnership.

A big part of that positive partnership is communicating your wants and needs. You should work with your broker to create a list, and you should communicate your desires clearly.

Separating wants and needs is very important, since it will help your broker identify the most promising properties. If you have your heart set on granite countertops, your broker will not waste your time showing you houses with butcher block counters. Knowing your wants and needs ahead of time will make the job of the broker easier, but it will also simplify your home shopping process.

Sharing the Search

Even after communicating your wants and needs, you can further foster a positive relationship with your broker. While your real estate broker has access to a full range of listings, he or she cannot be everywhere. If you see a home you like, send it to your broker. Sharing the search will be good for everyone, so feel free to do some freelance shopping.

There are plenty of great websites designed with the home buyer in mind, and their listings are updated on a daily or even an hourly basis. You can even set your own search criteria and get notifications when a home fitting your needs shows up. Either way, sharing the search duties with your brokers will help you make the most of your home shopping.

Fostering a positive relationship with your real estate broker is an essential part of finding the perfect home. From communicating your wants and needs to sharing the search duties, there are plenty of ways to create such a partnership. With your combined efforts, you will have the home of your dreams before you know it.