Funding Large Projects




Commercial Real Estate Property Types:

  • Residential Condominium Developments
  • Mixed Use Developments
  • Retail-Anchored
  • Retail-Non-Anchored
  • Multi-Family Residential
  • Master Planned  Developments
  • Office Buildings
  • Sky Rise Buildings
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Industrial Warehouse
  • Self-Storage
  • Golf Course
  • Master Planned Communities
  • Raw Commercial Land Development
  • Acquisitions

Lending Programs Where Mortgage Deals Get Done


  • Infill and subdivision residential construction loans for freehold and condominium projects.
  • Land servicing and building lot loans.
  • Construction lending for custom homes and renovation programs.
  • Land loans for residential and commercial sites, parking lots, and hi-rise sites.
  • Commercial plaza / Industrial construction loans


  • First Mortgages for industrial, commercial and retail properties, including warehouses, stores and apartments, and all types of income-producing properties.
  • Apartment buildings 1st, 2nd and 3rd mortgages for acquisitions, refinancing, and renovation purposes including short-term bridge loans and long-term fixed rate loans.
  • Mobile Home Parks- 1st and 2nd mortgages for purchases, refinancing and development expansion.
  • Small Commercial Program- 1st mortgages on retail stores with apartments above.


  • Bridge financing – up to 2 years open for interim situations, on all asset classes.
  • Acquisition loans and equity bridge loans pending repayment from long term debt or equity raises.
  • Work out lending / special situation loans.
  • Secondary debt, behind closed first mortgage term loans – matching maturity dates of existing 1st mortgage
  • Mortgage purchases, performing and non-performing.
  • Inventory loans on un-sold housing and condominium units.
  • Debtor in Possession Financing


  • Land loans (postponing to construction financing).
  • Mezzanine subordinated loans providing the gap funding between the owner’s equity and the bank construction loan.
  • Building lot deposit loans.
  • Condominium inventory loans prior to condominium registration.
  • Joint ventures on residential and commercial developments.


  • Investment property acquisitions – mezzanine and equity capital.
  • Equity subordinated debt structured facilities.
  • Joint ventures on property acquisitions



  • Residential 1st and 2nd non-conventional Mortgages, secured by Owner-occupied houses, rental houses, duplexes to six-plexes, condominiums, co-ownership apartments, lakefront homes and co-op apartment blanket loans.


Large Files 2

Requesting a loan – our process:

Requesting a Loan Has Never Been Easier.... If you are a principal or an intermediary, agent, or broker with a viable project/venture please email us your executive summary or call us today. If we have an interest in your project/venture, fully detailed funding documents will be required.  Our team all have extensive experience and expertise to help you build and create a solid case for your corporate finance request. Our Team can custom design your financing 'Business Plan Presentation' pinpointing your companies exact financial needs. All initial projects finance requests are first received, by us, and are immediately reviewed. They are then submitted to our due diligence/underwriting unit for their initial review and/or comments. Plus, if viable, other financiers. All clients with suitable finance projects and conforming to our financing criteria will be directly contacted. We will request all necessary information regarding project details and immediately submit all information to initiate the underwriting process. We value and protect our relationship with all other independent intermediaries and clients. We only take on deals that we can do. We do not issue our agreement for the client to sign and request a deposit (completely refundable) from the client, based on information provided by the client, unless we are sure that we have the lenders who can do this deal.  Our Procedure Please note that upon engagement by the client we will have to do a lot of work to get this funded. Let me explain in the following steps:

1)      Collection of all documents

2)      Review of all documents

3)      Conference calls with the client

4)      If deal is do-able, we move to the state of signing Exclusive agreements and collecting refundable goodwill retainer      

5)      Once agreement is signed client arranges travel and accommodation at client’s cost for our team. (if necessary)

6)      Preliminary due diligence on the whole project, the client and this is done on every facet of the project.

7)      Preparing a presentation package with Executive Summaries and other documents for presentation to the lender

8)      Selecting the correct lender

9)      Calling and visiting the lender to personally present the project financing proposal

10)   Working with the lender and client to conduct further due diligence

11)   Reviewing the commitment letter from the lender and ensuring that we can do our best to meet the conditions

12)   Doing all the necessary follow up to ensure that funding is done smoothly


Systematic Approach – this is what makes us successful in our presentation 

1.       Preparation: Research and Brainstorm to define your “unique proposition”

2.       Flowchart your specific action plan from start to finish

3.       Analyze and organize your financial information to create a positive impact

4.       Prepare an EXIT STRATEGY

5.       Tune-up and/or revise, your Business Plan for maximum receptivity

6.       Get Attention: Create one of our unique Executive Summaries or Special Bulletins to intensify your appeal to achieve the desired results

7.       Build Interest: Tell your story

8        Put your project into a larger context and then carefully develop the components

9.      Create winning conditions essential to success - stack the deck in our favour

10.    Get Action: We handle the negotiations with all the participating parties, including investors, strategic partners, customers and lenders


 Large Projects 1“We leave nothing to chance”


DUE DILIGENCE PROCESS...Money Solutions Inc.’s due diligence process, in the context of our commercial real estate financing and acquisition program, is a process by which Global Capital Connect examines the full implications of presenting a borrowing entity a financing program. The purpose of our due diligence, simply stated, is when we need to have all the assurances as to what is being financed, and the assurances that the amount of the financing requested is appropriate for the borrower and/or project.  Also, to determine all the consequences of the transaction "prior to presenting any financing request to our capital sources so that we maintain our strong credibility for the long-term relationships with these organizations."


PRELIMINARY DUE DILIGENCE COST & OTHER COSTS Money Solutions Inc will review all collected documents and provide a preliminary opinion on the feasibility of finding financing for any project presented to Money Solutions Inc. We will require an interview with all Principals of the project presented and if mutual agreement is reached to proceed with detailed due diligence and the funding process, then discussion will occur in regards to exclusive engagement and fee agreements with a reasonable minimum due diligence good faith refundable deposit that will be deducted from success fees earned upon funding and closing of the project funding.