Money Solutions is a commercial mortgage company in Kingston that provides financial solutions and mortgage loans to businesses. Our team is always directed towards providing the best deal for you, a deal that aligns with your goals. Money Solutions will listen to your needs and cater accordingly. Quality Service and customer satisfaction are always our top priorities. 

Traditional loan approval processes from banks are lengthy and involve numerous paperwork and signatures. Commercial property evaluation, income status, and other financial factors qualify for a commercial loan. Money Solutions, a commercial mortgage lending company, makes the loan approval process easy and accessible.


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Our Kingston Commercial Mortgage Services Provides You With The Best Solutions

Money Solutions work with clients to make your loan approval process more accessible. Our Kingston financial experts team is here to guide you to get the best deal possible. We work differently from Banks, and our loan approval process is entirely different. Compared to banks, our commercial mortgage approval process involves less paperwork and even fewer criteria to meet. That directly reduces the approval time. With our flexible payment plans, there is no need to make trips to the bank and go through all the strenuous processes. Money Solutions will always be at your service and work towards achieving your business goals.


How Does the Commercial Mortgage Process Work?

Commercial mortgage lending is the process of lending money to businesses looking to finance their business, expand their business and acquire new business. A monetary evaluation of your commercial property is carried out, and the loan is approved based on the review. A payback time is set, and an interest rate is fixed. The borrower then pays the money in installments based on the interest rate. Generally, interest rates are higher, and the payback time is longer when it comes to commercial loans.

Why Choose Money Solutions as Your Kingston Commercial Mortgage Provider?

Money Solutions is the best commercial mortgage lending company in Kingston. We have been serving for around two decades and helping our clients achieve their financial and business goals. We work with a team of financial professionals that work towards making the loan approval process fast and also fulfilling your requirements. We prepare the best mortgage deal for you with a flexible payment plan that makes us one of the best commercial mortgage lenders in Kingston.

Money Solutions is your one-stop solution if you are looking for funds to improve your business, acquire a new business or purchase a commercial property. Contact us today for the best mortgage solution.