Money Solution is your mortgage consultant and broker based in Kingston. With years of quality service, we have established trust amongst our customers. We always prioritize our client’s satisfaction and quality service over anything else. We cater to your requirements and deliver the best-suiting mortgage plan. 

As a Private mortgage lending company, our primary goal is to simplify the loan process. We are here to ease the loan process with our fast and straightforward approval process that involves way fewer verifications and signatures than traditional mortgage lending companies like Banks. We have a flexible payment plan.


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Our Kingston Private Mortgage Services Provides You With The Best Solutions

With Money Solutions as your Private mortgage lender, you no more have to visit banks to get your loan. Our mortgage plans are approved quickly, and the overall process is easy and accessible, unlike the Bank’s loan process. Banks make you fulfill many criteria, like having a perfect credit score, a high and stable income, and owning real estate that meets the financial evaluation. Many people cannot qualify for a bank loan because they fail to fulfill all the requirements and tick all the boxes.

Private Mortgage lending companies like Money solutions are here to help overcome such situations. If you do not fall under the approval criteria set by banks, do not worry, we are here. With us, all you need is a real estate property that justifies our evaluation, and we will set you up with a loan. We also have a provision of a flexible payment option so that paying back the money isn’t a massive stress to you. Our plans are always directed towards helping you overcome the loan payment easily and also to help you reach your financial goals.


How Does the Private Lending Process Work?

Private lending has been going on for centuries and is an entirely legal and widespread practice. Private lending is a process in which investors fund a private lending company that goes on to lend mortgage loans to other individuals with a special interest rate. A real estate property is kept as collateral, with evaluations of the property carried out by experts. An interest rate is set that the borrower has to pay. The borrower then pays the money back in installments over some time.


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Why Choose Money Solutions as Your Kingston Private Mortgage Provider?

Money Solution is the best mortgage broker agency in Kingston, giving our clients mortgage guidance to help them navigate the lending procedure while always having an open line of communication.

To support your financial development, we work hard to offer the finest mortgage solution. To give you the funding you require without any fuss, we are constantly connected to numerous public and private funders.

You may put your financial problems to rest by hiring Money Solutions as your mortgage consultant in Kingston. We promise to provide excellent financial assistance to help you reach your financial objectives.