If you are looking for a commercial loan to finance your business, we are the answer for you. Money Solutions is a commercial mortgage lending company in London that caters to businesses looking for funds to invest in their businesses, add and expand more businesses or purchase new commercial real estate. We devote ourselves to delivering you the best mortgage deal.


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Our London Commercial Mortgage Services Provides You With The Best Solutions

Money Solutions are staffed with expert financial professionals that work with the clients to put together the best mortgage deal that aligns with the financial goals of the clients. We have an easy and accessible loan application process that is completed quickly. Securing a loan from a Bank will require you to green tick lots of boxes. With banks, you must verify numerous documents and fulfill criteria such as credit scores, real estate evaluations, and steady income generation. 

We offer loans by fulfilling way fewer formalities. Working with commercial mortgage lenders like Money Solutions will significantly reduce your time and hassle. Our approval process is quicker, and we have fewer requirements to meet. We act as a catalyst to help you expand your company and achieve your financial objectives.


How Does the Commercial Mortgage Process Work?

Commercial Mortgage is a loan provided to business owners based on their property evaluation. Business owners seek commercial loans to finance their businesses or acquire new companies. The loan amount is approved based on the assessment of your property. Time duration and an interest rate are fixed in which the borrower pays back the loan amount. Commercial loans have more extended time and higher interest rates because of the loan structure.

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Why Choose Money Solutions as Your London Commercial Mortgage Provider?

Money Solutions is a trusted name for commercial mortgage lenders in London. We have been serving in the London area for around two decades. Our expert advisors communicate with the clients to create a mortgage plan that meets their needs and helps fulfill future financial goals. Money Solutions has a history of a fast and efficient loan approval process, and we also have a provision for flexible loan approval. So, no more trips to the bank because why go to the bank when you can have faster, easier, and more efficient service at Money Solutions. Let’s talk, and we can figure out the best mortgage deal for your company.