Money Solution is the best mortgage service provider with experience spanning over a decade of providing private mortgage services in Ottawa. 

If you are worried that your credit score doesn’t match the criteria of loan approval, then a private mortgage lender is what you are looking for to source the loan you need. We are an Ottawa Private Mortgage service provider providing you with a mortgage loan regardless of your credit score or income status.


ottawa private mortgage company

Our Ottawa Private Mortgage Services Provides You With The Best Solutions

To get a mortgage loan from banks and credit corporations, you must maintain a credit score and financial income to meet the standard for your loan approval to get accepted, and not everyone has the financial health and good credit score to get the mortgage funds from the traditional lenders. To fill this void, Money Solutions is your private mortgage provider providing mortgage loans to our clients based on their property’s financial valuation. The hassle of financial stability and credit score is totally out of the picture with us, reducing the turnaround time for receiving the loan.


How Does the Private Lending Process Work?

Private lending is the alternative to traditional lending, where the lender lends their capital to private mortgage companies, which is then provided as a mortgage loan to people in need of the fund. Private lending is a legal practice that falls under the usury law in the real estate industry. It is the most risk-free fund-acquiring method for people with average income and substandard credit scores. Money Solution is your private mortgage company in Ottawa, gaining the trust and confidence of all the clients we have served to provide them with the finest consultancy and mortgage services while following legal standards.


ottawa private mortgage company
ottawa private mortgage company

Why Choose Money Solutions as Your Ottawa Private Mortgage Provider?

We are your trusted mortgage broker company in Ottawa, working to solve our clients’ problems with our mortgage services. As independent consultants, our top priority has always been our clients. We have access to purchase properties with the best mortgage rates in Ottawa, making us your best wealth-building agency. 


Enlisting the private mortgage in Ottawa provided by Money Solutions, you will get the mortgage loan fit for your financial needs, whatever your credit score. You can always count on our mortgage consultant to walk you through each step to guide you through the mortgage process. Want to know which mortgage plan best suits you, contact us.