Money Solutions are a private mortgage lending company in Thunder Bay that has been providing financial solutions for years. Money Solutions was established with the objective of providing easy mortgage solutions to people without them having to go through a strenuous bank loan approval process. Banks require you to follow a long detailed process of document verification and also need you to have a perfect credit history and a stable income. Properly verifying all these takes a long time and becomes very costly. Private Mortgage companies like Money Solutions are here to help you avoid such situations. We offer easy mortgage solutions without the hassle of signing piles of paperwork. No more conventional bank loans when you can get easy mortgage solutions with flexible payment options at Money Solutions.


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Our Thunder Bay Private Mortgage Services Provides You With The Best Solutions

There are many reasons why borrowing a loan from a private mortgage company like Money Solutions is better than taking a loan from a conventional bank. Conventional banks are notorious for having a super lengthy loan application process; to top it, you must sign numerous documents. With traditional bank loans, you must also fulfill loads of other criteria. A perfect credit history, stable income, and a real estate property are required to qualify for a loan. Even the payment options are not flexible enough in the bank loan approval process, which might lead to disrupting your financial success.

On the other hand, Private mortgage companies have a more straightforward mortgage approval process. Unlike Banks, private mortgage lenders do not have complex and lengthy procedures. There is little paperwork involved with private mortgage companies. You are not required to have a perfect credit score to be eligible for loan approval. Also, financial advisors will listen to your mortgage needs, analyze your income and current status with your financial goals, and prepare a custom-tailored mortgage solution for you. The payment process will be flexible according to your goals.


How Does the Private Lending Process Work?

Private and public investors fund private mortgage lending companies. These private and public investors invest money in the mortgage company, which is further loaned out to individuals. So, private lending is the process in which a private mortgage company lends out money to other individuals based on the financial evaluation of the individual. An interest rate is determined, and a period is fixed over which the borrower pays back the amount borrowed in installments.

Why Choose Money Solutions as Your Thunder Bay Private Mortgage Provider?

As one of the best private mortgage companies in Thunder Bay, we always focus on providing quality service to our customers. We listen to each of our customer’s needs and deliver custom-tailored solutions that meet their needs. Our financial advisors will analyze your needs and create a customized mortgage solution that will align with your future goals. 

Our loan approval process is easy and fast. Since you don’t need to sign loads of paperwork and verify lots of information, it makes the method brief and straightforward. We not only make the loan approval process easy but also make the payment process easy as well. The payment plan is created with your goals and is very flexible. Our organization is supported by various trusted private and public lenders, which makes us one of the best private mortgage companies in Thunder Bay. 

You won’t have to worry about your credit score or other complicated paperwork if you choose Money Solutions as your private mortgage lender in Thunder Bay. We can discuss your home’s financial plans if you call us at any time.