Getting Your Whole Family on Board When Selling Your Home

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If you are selling your home, this can be a challenge when you are in charge of getting your family on board as well. Selling a home with kids has its own challenges, but it isn’t impossible. Here are four tips for selling a home when your whole family will be involved.

1. Keep Kids in the Loop

Selling the family home can be stressful on kids. While you might want to shelter them from the overall home-selling process, it is better to let them know what you are thinking for your family’s future. Try to get kids excited about moving in general, and what they can look forward to in a new home.

2. Clearing out Your Home to Show

Whether showing your home to sell involves renting a storage unit or moving out completely, there will be disruptions in everyone’s lives. It may be best to move into a rental to keep kids and pets safe while potential buyers are viewing your home. If you need to put items in storage, explain to younger kids this is temporary and that items will be brought back into the mix once you settle into a new home.

3. Get Everyone Involved

Kids aren’t too young to help get your home ready to sell. Tasks such as cleaning and organizing can be done by all members of your family. If you can reward your kids for helping out with cleaning or DIY projects, they might pitch in more and be excited about the selling process. You and your spouse should set a good example with cleaning and fixing up so that your kids will follow suit.

4. Gear Your Home’s Staging Toward Families

If your family will be staying in your home while selling, it will be hard to hide the fact that there are kids there. You can play this up and gear your home toward prospective families. But be sure to clean out clutter and items such as dogeared art work; your home should look fun and family-friendly, not disorganized and lived-in.

A family-friendly real estate agent can help with ideas for your home as well. Agents who work with families will also have buyers in mind that they can bring to see your home specifically. If you can get your family on board with getting your home ready to sell, the process can be handled smoothly from start to finish.